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Springville Meat Company has been operating in the same location in Springville since  it opened in 1950. Brothers Ray and Jim Cope began the company in a facility located at 268 S. 100 West with their focus on doing custom meat processing for local customers. That work was and still is the main part of Springville Meat Company’s business. Through the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s, the company also rented out frozen food lockers to the public, a service much in demand at the time. At the service’s peak, Springville Meat Company was renting out about 1,000 lockers to its customers. Growth over the years has led the company to expand its facility four times.

In the early ‘70s, a poor economy led to reduced business and the Copes began considering selling the company. Ray Cope – who managed the business - took a job managing the welfare farm in Springville owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His son, Dave Cope, stepped forward at that time and offered to run the business for a year while his father attempted to sell it.

On Jan. 1, 1973, Dave Cope took over for his father, and he has been running Springville Meat Company ever since. He eventually bought the shares of the business owned by his uncle and father, and the company is now owned by Dave and his wife Janet. The couple’s sons Gene and Ryan, who have worked at the business for years, became part owners in the company about three years ago.

The business has seen many changes since its beginning in 1950. In addition to its custom meat processing, Springville Meat Company devotes significant time to making jerky from beef and wild game. About 30 companies contract with Springville Meat to make their own private label jerky, and Springville Meat also makes and sells its own brand of jerky named Papa Ray’s Jerky after Ray Cope. Springville Meat Company now cooks meat for parties and banquets and sells meat to restaurants and individuals. It is a USDA federally inspected meat packing plant.

Over the years, the business has supported FFA clubs in the local schools and junior livestock shows. Springville Meat has also donated to many school and community organizations. Dave Cope served for 25 years as a volunteer firefighter and 10 years as a volunteer EMT for Springville City. His son Gene is currently a volunteer EMT and fireman for the city.

Springville Meat Company currently has about 18 employees. It recently purchased a land parcel just south of the old  facility. This addition  includes  a retail country store and more meat processing space.  Springville Meat is progressing  into the future by serving the community and its patrons.

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